Acci-DENT Pendle is a fully mobile Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) company. Being mobile we can repair your car's dents at any location, whether at your home or your workplace and at a time that suits you.  Acci-DENT Pendle prides itself on good timekeeping, professionalism and above all else great Paintless Dent Repairs. Check out our gallery page to see for yourself.

Paintless (and painless!) Dent Removal

We use specialist dent removal tools and years of practice to massage the dents and dings out of the damaged body panel, without the need for paintwork, and without the need to take your vehicle off the road. Most dent repair jobs are completed in under an hour and usually cost less than your insurance excess.

Environmentally Friendly Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal is also environmentally friendly too as there is no need to repaint the dented body panel. However, if you do need some paintwork done, wehighly recommend you contact Chips Away Local - Get a quote for a dent repair today If you would like your car's dent repaired please call 07783 490880 for a FREE no obligation quote... and don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.  

Paintless Dent Repair Padiham

Acci-DENT Paintless Dent Repair Paddiham are a one-stop shop for your car dent removing needs.

Acci-DENT are adept at accomplishing remarkable results on minor dents and dings, creases or scratches on your vehicle. Be anxious no more about slight scratches to your car lowering it’s value; we’re able to visit properties in Paddiham together with surrounding areas to undertake repairs.  Fixes to small dents and dings begin at about ¬£45.  You’re most likely not aware that 99% of vehicle dings wont need to be repainted.  All that they need is the knowledge and assistance of Acci-DENT Paintless Dent Repair Paddiham.

As long as there are no ruptures on the car’s paintwork, it doesn’t matter how much damage there may be to your car.  At Acci-DENT Paintless Dent Repair Paddiham we’re committed to restoring your vehicle to it’s original condition.  At Acci-DENT Dent Removal Paddiham we’re specialists in Paintless Dent Repair.  There are many reasons as to why Paintless Dent Repair is a better option:

1.the application of fillers is needless as well as repainting

2.our affordable prices reflect the simple fact that the process we use needs far less work than earlier methods

3.we’ll undertake our work on at a time that is convenient for you

4.because our professional team will pay a visit to you at home, there’s no need to sit around waiting at a garage or organise a replacement vehicle

5.painting overspray is not necessary

6.colour mis-match isn’t a difficulty

7.factory paint work maintained on your car.

You may be wanting to know how Acci-Dent’s Paintless Dent Removal process works?  Paintless Dent Repair is a highly specialised technique the fact that successfully gets rid of small dents, scrapes and creases from body work whilst retaining the finish of factory or custom paints.  Vehicle repairs to non-collision damage of the type that cars frequently encounter are just about impossible to find and can be completed very quickly at a lower cost than standard repair techniques.

At Acci-DENT Dent Paddiham our Dent Removal staff work with specialised tools to manipulate the bodywork back to shape from behind.  Depending upon the area of the damage, the panel is accessed by taking away trim pieces, via window spaces or by removing inner panels.

According to Ian Hodgkinson the owner of Acci-DENT Paintless Dent Repair Paddiham: “Paintless Dent Repair is dependant on patience and methodical work. It’s a question of “reading the paint” to try to find where the dent ends and also to know where the tip of your tool is”.  Almost all ding repairs will be completed in one or two hours, and as we offer a mobile service, the hindrance to you and your life will be reduced.

Hailstone damage, dents caused by car doors or even golf ball incidents will be restored easily by Acci-DENT’s Paintless Dent Repair Paddiham fast and effective service.  Many dents and dings can be eradicated totally, while with a few dents it is possible to improve them to the stage where they’re significantly less apparent which means you are able to avoid the cost of repainting the panel.

Give us a call on 07783 490880 for additional info on the exceptional results which our unbeatable service could have on your vehicle.